Who started CareerXplorer International, LLC?
CareerXplorer International, LLC, was started by Gerry Phaneuf and LaMar Lind.

Gerry is the former Director of the Career Center at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. Previously, he was the Director of Career Services at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Assistant Director of Career Services at Texas Tech University. Gerry has 28 years of experience in advising students about career choices and has won regional and national awards for innovation in the field.

LaMar has more than 28 years experience in advising students and adult career changers. He has served as a career consultant to employees at Qwest Communications, Director of Evening College at the Nebraska College of Business, academic advisor for TRIO programs at Creighton University, career advisor for the Career Center at Creighton University, and vocational education teacher and coach in the Nebraska public education system. In addition, LaMar currently serves on the Tri-County Youth Council for Nebraska Workforce Development.

Why was CareerXplorer International, LLC started (Our Vision)?
To help individuals achieve a satisfying, fulfilling, and rewarding worklife by offering resources that provide a clear, easy to use “roadmap” to career and educational options that reflect their strongest interests, talents, values, and unique personal characteristics.

Why is there a need for Career Discovery?
Gerry and LaMar have counseled more than 30,000 students and adults. Their combined 56 years of experience has taught them that Interests are the key, or the “spark”, to unlocking the motivation individuals need to begin exploring the world of work and the training and education required to succeed.

What is the Career Discovery system?
Career Discovery...What Can I Do?™ is a system of career interest cards and self-assessment cards that provide users with a quick overview of industries, occupations, and educational options that match their strongest interests, skills, values, and personal characteristics. The system correlates with the 16 career clusters.
Why is the Career Discovery Interest Card System effective?
Individuals use the Career Discovery system because it is intuitive, and provides a step-by-step process. Viewing the system helps students discover their likes and relate what they do well to specific career interest areas. The Career Discovery system also encourages and empowers them to believe that they can pursue a career based on their main personal interests.

Why would academic counselors want Career Discovery?
In our experience, counselors have embraced Career Discovery because it is simple, easy-to-use and self directed. Counselors can utilize the Career Discovery system as an initial guidance tool to get students started in the process. Interest driven students approach counselors with more focused and targeted career planning questions. In the manner, time and resources are conserved for higher level evaluation and guidance services.

Who do I contact for more information about Career Discovery?
CareerXplorer International, LLC
4925 Browne Street
Omaha, NE  68104
United States
Phone: 402-505-3379
Fax: 402-505-8019

Gerry Phaneuf - Product Development & Marketing
Gerry can provide information about product design and development.

LaMar Lind - Operations
LaMar assists with administrators, operations, installation and training.